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Tower Crane Dimensions

Tower cranes are indispensable giant machines on construction sites, used for hoisting and transporting various construction materials. Choosing the right size tower crane is crucial to the smooth progress of your project. This article will delve into the key parameters of tower crane dimensions to help you better understand their role in engineering.


Tower crane height

The height of a tower crane is one of the most significant parameters of its dimensions. It is usually expressed as "hook height" or "maximum height", which refers to the highest point that the hook can reach. The height of a tower crane usually ranges from 30 meters (98 feet) to 200 meters (656 feet), and its height determines its actual use range on construction sites. Taller tower cranes are suitable for high-rise construction projects, while shorter tower cranes are suitable for low-rise buildings or other projects such as bridges.


Tower crane arm length

The arm length of the tower crane is also a key parameter, which determines the horizontal lifting range of the tower crane. The arm length is usually expressed as the horizontal distance from the tower crane's center rotation point to the position of the hook. The arm length of a tower crane generally ranges from 30 meters (98 feet) to 80 meters (262 feet). The arm length of some large tower cranes may be longer, reaching more than 100 meters. The longer arm length covers a wider work area and is suitable for larger construction projects, while the shorter arm length is suitable for sites with limited space.

Lifting capacity

Lifting capacity is one of the most important parameters in tower crane size. It indicates the maximum load weight that the tower crane can bear. Lifting capacity is usually expressed in tons or kilograms. The lifting capacity of a tower crane is usually between 1 ton and 20 tons, but the lifting capacity of some very large tower cranes can exceed 20 tons, or even reach more than 100 tons. Engineering projects require the selection of appropriate lifting capacity based on various factors such as the weight and shape of building materials to ensure safety and efficiency.


Radius of gyration

The radius of gyration refers to the length of the tower crane's arm, which is the minimum space radius required for the tower crane to rotate on the construction site. The radius of gyration is typically between 20 meters (65 feet) and 60 meters (197 feet), although smaller or larger ranges are possible. A smaller turning radius is suitable for projects with limited space, while a larger turning radius can cover a wider area. Engineering projects need to select an appropriate radius of rotation based on the actual conditions of the construction site.


Installation height

The installation height is the vertical distance from the base of the tower crane to its highest point. This parameter is crucial when selecting a tower crane as it determines whether the crane will fit within the vertical constraints of the construction site. In some cities and construction sites, there are building height restrictions, so a tower crane that meets the installation height requirements must be selected.



Size is a crucial consideration when choosing a tower crane. Different projects require different sizes of tower cranes to meet their specific needs. By understanding and considering key parameters such as tower crane height, arm length, lifting capacity, slewing radius and installation height, you can better choose a tower crane suitable for your project. Correctly sizing your tower crane will help improve the efficiency, safety and successful completion of your project.
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Tower Crane Dimensions