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Henan Tarzan Heavy Industry Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Tarzan Heavy Industry Group), is a comprehensive group integrating the production, research & development and sales of vehicles and parts, heavy industry machinery, chemical industry, paper and daily product series.

Visit Customers In Mali

Recently, our company has carried out a mission of great significance - sending professional teams to Mali and Congo to contribute to Africa's infrastructure. This decision reflects our company's active participation in global development, and also demonstrates our outstanding strength and professionalism in the field of construction machinery.

Our company has always been committed to promoting technological innovation and sustainable development. This dispatch of staff to Mali is a concrete manifestation of our active practice of corporate social responsibility. Mali, as a dynamic country in West Africa, faces a series of challenges and opportunities in infrastructure construction.

Previously, they purchased a pump truck from our company for construction. Our company sent a team to the customer's area in Mali to assist the customer in solving technical problems. This visit has a clear goal and aims to contribute to the infrastructure construction in Mali and the entire African continent. Make a positive contribution.

The dispatched team members include professionals with extensive experience in areas such as engineering, project management and technical support. They bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to provide strong support for ongoing construction projects in Mali. These projects cover many fields such as construction, transportation, energy and urban development, and are of great significance to the future development of Mali.

African countries face a variety of challenges in infrastructure development, from logistical challenges to technology gaps to machinery operation issues. Our company dispatch team aims to bridge these gaps and provide tailor-made solutions for projects in Mali. This hands-on approach reflects our commitment to creating positive and lasting change in the communities we serve.

Our mission is not only to provide technical support and after-sales service, but also to work closely with local stakeholders, government agencies and project partners. Through open communication and collaborative building, we hope to not only contribute technically, but also listen to the rich experiences and perspectives of local communities. This collaborative spirit is vital to the success and sustainability of infrastructure projects and we eagerly look forward to building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with local communities.

Our company's commitment to corporate social responsibility extends beyond business transactions. We believe in leaving a lasting impact in the regions we help, and this effort is a continuation of that commitment. By actively participating in African infrastructure, we hope to empower local communities, create employment opportunities, and contribute to the socio-economic progress of the region.

Overall, our company's decision to send staff to Mali reflects our determination to actively participate in global development. In the process of actively participating in Africa's infrastructure construction, we look forward to not only overcoming various challenges, but also building bridges of cooperation, innovation and shared vision between countries. This effort marks the beginning of a new chapter in our company's journey, one that will be characterized by collaboration, innovation and a shared vision to contribute to the common development of the world.
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Visit Customers In Mali